Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shopping which makes you richer.....

After 12 hour days on my laptop I needed some inspiration and a break from thinking and doing! I've realised the importance of taking the time out and remembered what I read the other day about the teachings of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It doesnt say "Work Hard and Grow Rich" because we need the time to think of ideas, be inspired and work out the path and a plan to achieving our goals.

So as I ventured off to find some inspiration I walked through the department store surrounded by luxury brands, make-up, perfume, shoes, bags and all those beautiful things us women cant do without! I had a realisation that these "things" that some people say are Message unnecessary & superficial in fact bring a richness to our lives. They bring us hope and each season we can reinvent and refresh, we put on a beautiful dress by our favourite designer and feel like we can take on the world. A new world, a world full of hope, inspiration and beauty.

What kind of world would it be if we all walked around in our sloppy jeans, runners and a plain old tee? I realised that fashion brings out my passion for life, I am excited, joyous and I can grow a little taller with the confidence to take on the world, and for a 5ft'er like me the world certainly does look better in a pair of louboutins.

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