Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The ball's in your of tennis, life & love...

How often do we say and hear the saying "The ball's in your court". Well I have often been amazed and amused by those that look at the ball and are too afraid to hit it. They dont seem to know what to do with it, should I hit it, should I run away or maybe I'll just put it in my pocket and lose the game.

Life is a game - the game of love, game of business...there are rules and there are scores. When we don't play by the rules we lose the game! It's pretty simple really and such a truth that can be applied to our life.

Today I learnt that some people don't play by the rules, they think they can outsmart others and win the game. There are those who try to play but without reading the rule book first and then wonder why they're losing and then there are others who didnt think there were any rules and decided to make it up as they go and wonder why it's not working out!

So the lesson here is that if you want to win in business, in tennis or in love that you need to know what the rules are, play by them and keep hitting the ball within the lines because otherwise you're out!!

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