Thursday, April 8, 2010

Exposing the secrets to women's success.....

I recently embarked on a mission to uncover the "secrets" behind the success of some of Australia's most recognised women. I have learned much about what it truly takes and as dumb it sounds some of it is pretty simple but never easy. Our lipstick Queen Poppy King has risen and fallen and risen again. Samantha Wills has built an empire from the Sydney markets to now take her brand to the big apple and Lisa Kelly is surfing the success wave with her bikini collection. There is so much we as women can learn from each other hence why I took this journey to bring you the real behind the scenes stories to inspire and empower you to take the action you need to make your dreams a reality.

A few years ago I came across Dale Beaumont, a young and very inspiring young man who after a tip-off from his entrepreneurial wife where she told him that she was sick of reading business books by macho males, set out to write and publish a series of books exposing the secrets of our high flying Australian women.
For years it's been the men that have held the business lime-light. Think about it - Gerry Harvey, Dick Smith, Lachlan Murdoch and the rest; all household names. However, his book has changed all that give our Aussie business women the recognition they deserve.

'Secrets of Female Entrepreneurs Exposed' and 'Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed' takes ordinary people up close and personal with women who have each built multi-million dollar companies and their secrets to achieving greater personal success and happiness. In a suprisingly candid way they each share their personal success journeys, and how more women can discover their own entrepreneurial talent.

Featured in the book are such names as Sue Ismael (Nad's), Joanne Mercer (Joanne Mercer Footwear), Katrina Allen (Dejour), Sonia Amorosa (Fatblaster) and Sandy Forster (Wildly Wealth Women), Mia Freedman (Former Editor of Cosmo) and Miriam Schaffer (former UN Advisor).

Its not every day that you can curl up on the couch with a cup of hot tea in your hand, while inspirational women pour out their soul in front of your grab your copy today from all leading bookstores.

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