Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The REAL privileged life

The past few months have given me true insight into what a privileged life really is. Many of us believe that a life of privilege is one where we can have anything and everything our heart desires, mostly of a material kind and mostly that is true. But what I have come to learn is that, as nice as those things may be, that ultimately what provides us with real joy are the very simple things that cannot be bought on Fifth Avenue.
This true joy and fulfillment is not in the brands we buy, but in how we show up for the people that we love and care about.. Each day we get to decide who we want to be. Not only in what we wear on the outside but also in how we look like on the inside. We’ve all heard the saying “it’s what inside that counts” and I have to say that the past few years have awakened within me a true understanding that looks can be deceiving. I have become wiser and have been given new eyes to see the soul of another before I am impressed by their suit, Armani or otherwise.
There is a beautiful quote I once heard “Who we are, is God’s gift to us. Who we become, is our gift to God”. As much as we love to shop, as much as we enjoy the latest and greatest styles and looks, the person that we are, our values and how we are towards others is what ultimately shines through us.
Ivanka Trump, a woman I admire greatly knows all too well what it is like to come from a very privileged background and to have the best of everything but this savvy business woman is making sure her own daughter does not become entitled or selfish and at 23 months is being taught grounded lessons in life.
Life always presents us with opportunities for growth, sometimes we don't see the blessing in the challenge but we always get exactly what we need to become the very best person we could possibly be. Not only the best by societies definition of success but on a deeper level of our spirit, our heart and the very core of who we are to be in this world.
Over the past six months I have embarked on "A Course in Miracles", inspired by a cool chick I met in New York who used to be the big deal around town, promoting the hippest clubs, hanging with the coolest people but deep down inside she was afraid of life and more so afraid of love. The "Course" as it's referred to, allowed her to move from living a life of fear to one of love. On the outside she looked like she had it all but deep within, in her own words, she was a total mess. Sometimes life needs to come along and hit us over the head, it may be the only time we would have ever cracked open to find out who we truly are.
At times God needs to knock down the walls and come in for a complete renovation and those are the times when we come out of it, maybe for the first time ever, knowing who we are and with an unshakeable faith in ourselves and the greater power that is the real driver of our lives. I have always loved fashion and continue to be inspired by it, yet coming out the other end of what I would call a transformational time in my life, has made me see that the evolution of our soul shines brightly through the evolution of our style and that the best thing you can wear is a designer smile that goes from ear to ear because you have finally found your place in the world by finding out what you're truly made of, and that is a real pleasure and privilege.
Love Mia x

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