Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happily Ever After.....

As women we grow up imagining our happily ever after.  The one which looks like an ad from a Tiffany & Co brochure.  For some it surely happens that way on the outside at least and may last for many years after until the inner voice within begins to realize that the happily ever after they were seeking cannot be found in another ring, Gucci Bag or latest coveted designer brand.
This past weekend I came to understand what the true meaning of this phrase that we use for a state that we will experience when we find our man, get everything we think we want and only then dependent on every external factor that we believe will make us truly happy we will finally feel like we are where we want to be....happily ever after.
Unfortunately the reality for many is that after having acquired many of these things, deep down their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life and themselves continues.  People often say "Money doesn't make you happy" usually said by those who have it.  Then there are others who say "I'd rather be poor and happy" like that is the only other option available to them and they keep themselves poor and believing that they are happy when they are struggling through life. We live in a world where somehow we have come to believe that it must be one or the other and that our happiness and joy lie in the acquisition of things or money or getting rid of them all to find peace.
So much importance is placed on body consciousness  believing that this is "I", this is who "I" am.  Body Consciousness, separation, seeing the other as different and separate keeps all of us afraid and focused on how we are better, special and different - a trick of the ego to keep us living in fear and separate to others.  In this world of Fashion that I love so much sometimes can make us more intolerant and often afraid that we are not enough, don't have enough and must be more to fit in and be loved by someone somewhere just by wearing the right brands and if we get the fit right then we've made it in this game of life.
I realized this weekend that happily ever after is a place within your heart and deep within your soul. It means finding your own center and despite what happens you are able to keep your joy and go about life peacefully and gracefully knowing that you are connected to the creator, spirit and are always taken care of no matter what life looks like on the outside.
The Bride all dressed in White is coming to her own wedding and uniting with the love that she has for her own self, her soul and realizing that she can create her own happily ever after because no matter how much we look for it in a man, a bag or a brand we must take the journey within to truly shine our light.
This weekend I spent away in the Mountains at a Meditation Retreat run by the Brahma Kumaris.  A beautiful spiritual haven for people who come to find the inner peace within by realizing that we are soul and through meditation we can connect every day to our soul consciousness and not live in our body consciousness.  We can connect to the supreme soul, God, Spirit whatever it may be to you.  I found out that our happiness comes from a deep place within and if you rely on circumstances of your life to make you ok and happy, what will happen when life's circumstances are not so pleasing.  Relying on your external world, other people and circumstances to be perfect is not realistic, things happen as we know and most of us have no way to deal with them or we do but are so affected by them that life becomes one struggle after another, one drama after another.
I am glad to say that I am now living my Happily ever after......all dressed in white has taken on a new meaning for me and whether it's a different shade of white from Korrs, Gap, Just Jeans or Calvin Klein that once we find our real source of happiness that we can wear any brand because what we shine and give out to the world is WHO we are first and then the brands we wear look all that much better.
Om Shanti (I am Peace)


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