Friday, October 12, 2012

Change is inevitable....

We all know that change inevitable and that it happens with our consent or without but I am starting to see that not only do we fear change but we also crave it.  When it's hot outside we complain that it's too hot and we can't wait for the change to come (unless you live in Melbourne).  When it's cold outside we too complain that "It's too cold" and we wish it would be hot again.  When we are brunette we want a 'change'.  When we outgrow a style we want something new and then that new also becomes old and again we crave for a change.   I have to wonder whether us humans just don't know what we want or do we seek to find the in-between state where all is perfect and we will never complain again. Ummmmm that won't happen!
Recently the weather has gone from hot to cool and honestly I welcome the change because I love the seasons, I love that I can wear a summer dress today and a leather jacket tomorrow. I love that today is different from tomorrow but having grown up in Melbourne some consistency for a week at least would be lovely. 
I believe that the environments we are placed into, the countries we are born into are simply there for us to find our way.  To make a change that is based on what we feel is right for us.  I often read the Abraham teachings which tell us that we are constantly seeking out what we want from being born into an environment of great contrast so that we can see what we do not want and clearly define what we do!  To me that is so empowering, the teachings tell us that only from a place of seeing what we don't like in all areas of our life that we can define and refine and really come to know what we are, who we are and what we stand for.
For some change is uncomfortable and for others their lives are one adventures after another yet what I have noticed is that we all crave change, probably why we go on vacation and then come back to our familiar and comfortable life at home.  We need familiarity just as much as we crave for the weather or our lives to change and be different from what they currently are.  The question is how do we embrace both aspects and both needs that sometimes pull us apart.
Do we take a holiday every few months to a new and exotic destination or do we look at our full lives and see what we may have always wanted to try but never have. Learn to fly, a plane that is, like Angelina Jolie.... Take dancing classes at night to satisfy our inner diva or maybe even take a surfing class and learn to fall and learn that no matter what you can still get back on the board, paddle out and catch another wave.  There really is no "right" answer and we must all simply explore the depths of our hearts to discover what will light us up and provide us with the change we crave yet with the stability and adventure that we also need to feel alive.
So for today my adventure is keeping up with the wind and the cool breeze, giving me the chance to rug up, stay warm, wear my leather jacket and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.....Oh life is such an adventure and I don't even need to leave the country.

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