Saturday, June 23, 2012

Leading Lady

For centuries women have been playing in a man's world but today there are leaders and leading ladies everywhere who are changing the world, making a difference with or without their heels on.

I recently read about Audette Exel, a "high flyer" who built her career on making millions for the rich, but her true achievement has been using her legal and financial nous to make money for the world's poorest. 

This woman, this leader didn't need to renounce the world to become great and make her mark, but she took her God given talents and used her mind for business and her heart to save the children who were taken from their homes and imprisoned - this is the world of child trafficking.  This extraordinary woman who works via email on a half a billion dollar sale of a European banking group yet her biggest achievement is out of the boardroom helping some of the most impoverished people in the world. "If you want to know me," the former corporate lawyer and banker says, you have to know me in this context.  The truth of me is here, it's not dressed up in high heels and a business suit in Sydney." She hasn't given up one world for the other but she has found a way to be passionate about both and use the world of corporate to feed the soul of her passion.

Women who lead have one thing in common - Passion!  They LOVE what they do and you can feel their passion in ALL that they do. Passion comes from our life force, our ability to connect to our heart and to channel this energy into something we know will make a differerence. 

What I have learned is that trusting my intuition has given me a life that I love.  It has taken me through some challenging lessons and journey's, but without them I would not have been able to know who I am, nor would I have learned to trust that little voice within that guided me all the way back home and to my special and happy place.  It is this intuition that I have started to talk to every time I need to make any decision that will impact my life - and it has not failed me yet!

We all need to access our own power, connect with our intuition and know how to use the wisdom of our bodies to know what is right for us.  I recently came across a young woman who combines classical Indian traditions with contemporary gender theory, and applies these in a powerful combination that speaks to 21st century life.

Vena Ramphal PhD. has a unique combination of knowledge and experience.  Introduced to meditation at the age of ten and studying yoga and tantra perspectives on the body, personal power and influence for 20 years and is now sharing her work through a very special retreat in Bali called "WOMEN WHO LEAD" with Natalie Turner - they both have a wealth of experience in helping successful people connect with their deeper purpose, find personal fulfilment and achieve greater success.

Women who Lead, a retreat experience in Ubud, Bali, provides this oasis of holistic nourishment. The weekends will be hosted at Como Shambala’s stunning 5* Resort in Ubud and are designed around a fusion of facilitated conversations, cutting edge theories in leadership and innovation, emotional wellbeing, pampering and time for yoga, meditation and quiet reflection.

This event is designed for women who are already making a difference in the world and who want to increase their power and influence. You will leave feeling refreshed, inspired and repurposed, ready to have a greater impact around you.  You'll have to leave your heels at home for when you get back but for this weekend it is time to connect to your own inner power, passion and femininity.

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