Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lasting forever.

The woman is a strong person. Throughout our lives we are expected to create relationships, friendships, make children, take care of all the housework, cook, clean and also hold a respectable job in the workplace. There is far more expected of us now than our ancestors who's role in life was solely to stay home and bring up a loving family. The long lasting relationships that we create in our lives amongst our friends and family can also be transcribed into our wardrobe. 

Like our social lives, our wardrobes need those classic, modern and versatile pieces that will stand the test of time. Taking inspiration from french dressing and style icon Audrey Hepburn, trench coats, stripes and fur detailing are pieces that you will forever cherish. It is due to this style of dressing why woman from all over the world see the French as the most stylish and sophisticated out of them all. They always dress for themselves, and are never seen to be following trends but holding an inner sense of style. We need to cherish and hold onto the people in our life that will be there for years to come, hanging in our life like our favourite wardrobe items.

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  1. Agreed!i always just end up reading ladies styles blog instead i find them a lot of more internet interesting as they seems to have much more detail & focus.A timeless classic for the ladies!


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