Friday, March 2, 2012

Without the Mask...Style & Spirituality

There are special days and celebrations throughout the year providing us with remarkable opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

The Jewish Festival of Purim provides a peak into our untapped power provided we are willing to take a journey of discovery to find out who we are under the masks we wear every day. One of the limitations of the five senses is an inability to see our true nature. We identify ourselves as an artist, doctor, mother, entrepeneur, police officer - but these are just paths we've chosen in life.

It’s not all that we are, in reality we have infinite, great abilities that have yet to be revealed and our daily lives provide us with the opportunity to reveal our true nature instead of our selfish, ego and primal instincts which make us no different from wild animals.

The festival of Purim is a holiday with the practical power of removing the doubt & fear that keeps us limited, and helps us to connect to our source. For centuries, kabbalists have been hosting masquerade parties on this night, using joy, song, spirits and special meditations to reconnect to the soul hiding just beyond the sense of “me.” And the following day, they would always do acts of sharing within the community, to help them live from this connection.

It's really the one way to be in the world, to give and to share your love and your life. It really is a beautiful life and behind our masks we too are beautiful souls here with a purpose to share and spread the light within. We are here to touch the hearts of people who care for us and to transform each other in the process, to make each of our lives greater, better and filled with light.

And it feels good to know I have made other people's lives better and brighter just by being my real self and a few months ago I received a beautiful greeting card from a beautiful soul (you know who you are) as a reminder of how one person can change someone else's life for the better.
We are in essence divine beings with pure souls. We simply need to let go of limiting, illusory and false concepts that we have misidentified as ourselves. This is why Purim is such a joyous holiday filled with unique energy that you can access only on this day. Discover how life looks when you can see through the masks of our physical reality and see Light in everything and everyone.

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