Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Woman's Favourite.

In every woman's wardrobe you are guaranteed to find those fail safe items that she just can't seem to let go. These are the items that you go back to time and time again, the items proving to pass the test of time. They are classic, simple and chic. They are the outfits perfect for those days when you have nothing to wear, a night out when you are undecided of the specific dress code or the outfit you can throw on as you rush out the door yet still look impeccable. 
These wardrobe proof items and outfits include big light-weight scarfs, red on red, the classic LBD, tribal pants and white shirt, double print and bright colour. And who could forget the most chic mode of transport, accessorising with a bike for those hot summer days cruising around in the salty air. All of these woman come from different places around the globe from Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Sydney. And although they all come from different times and walks of life, woman around the globe will forever have one thing in common: the appreciation and love of finding those pieces in your wardrobe that can be recreated time and time again. 

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