Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winter Warmers

With the nights shorter and days colder, the chilly winter weather is definitely upon us which only means one thing.. it's time to dust off all our winter favourites. There comes a time throughout each season when we all open our wardrobes and amid the over flowing collection of clothing we still think "i've got nothing to wear." We are all too familiar with that conundrum, however, I have realised that it's not a matter of "nothing to wear" we just need to find new ways to mix up our existing wardrobe. Buying a few key pieces each season instantly injects some new life into our uninspiring collection. This winter I suggest you take a cue from the ladies below and invest in fur jackets, ankle boots, sheer maxis, wide brimmed hats, leopard print and lots of leather. The old is now the new, and with a few key winter woolies your wardrobe has taken on a whole new life!

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