Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brand Love: Mimco

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Mimco is an iconic Australian accessories label most admired for it's unique collections. Mimco creates for desire, it creates for the strong individual and it creates for the woman that just has to have a certain accessory in her life. A piece that is made to stand out on it's own and can change the simplest of outfits into something extraordinary. 

Their latest A/W collection titled Whispers and Anarchy is featured around pretty, prim and ladylike pieces contrasted against the grunge and sexy. It is inspired by the inter planetary muse who walks the streets of the late 1950s and 60s. Very parisian chic the collection encapsulates lunar inspired hardware shapes, sequins and sparkles and of course their signature double front pockets with large silver circles. Over-the-knee boots, statement hosiery, chunky wrist wear and cuffs, gloves and sunglasses form the basis of their collection. As part of the Whispers and Anarchy debut Mimco gathered several online bloggers to reinterpret some of  their favourite pieces out of the collection to be featured on each one's blog in their own unique way. 

Without a target demographic, age, or market, Mimco remains one label that any woman could wear and look stunning in. With a soul that "dreams, explores and plays with whatever gives us delight in the moment,"  Mimco is all about looking and feeling your best. Be inspired by the wonderful world around you whether it the streets, at your home, natures surroundings or the simple moments that you experience everyday. 

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  1. tis a cool campaign!!



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