Monday, August 9, 2010

Loving what is.....

I have learned to let go and love what is. How do we really know if the one in front of us is the one for us?
We all have an idea of what life and love may look like and the "ideal" person that we need to find. I too have a little list and as I get older I become more selective who I spend my time with and who I ultimately will spend my life with. Do we really ever know the answer....

A while back I read a book by Byron Katie called LOVING WHAT IS. Her teachings are profound with simple truths that we all can learn and implement in our lives. If we look around we will see that things happen all the time, things WE the big people cannot control, others do and say things which hurt us deeply, we struggle with "making decisions" but have you noticed that the decision usually gets made anyway. Something shifts, a change comes and you are clear on the direction. You stand in the possibility and the wind takes you to where you need to go. Then why the need for struggle if there is nothing we can do about a situation!! I am now embracing the winds of change that are sweeping away the past which I have held onto for too long and learning to once again love what is and who is right in front of me.

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  1. Thumbs up for this post!! you are absolutely right!! Although it's quite hard to move on but that is what a life is!! Thanks for the share!


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